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5 highly recommended houseplants for your garden center guests

With the end of Christmas, the reign of the ubiquitous houseplant poinsettia comes to an end. Many of the poinsettias you have purchased will have lost their vigour and bracts, and with them all their charm. Now is the time to offer your customers other alternatives to decorate and enliven their homes, such as these five beautiful green indoor plants that are available all year round in the Rachel&Co catalogue.

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8 Hardy houseplants for the return from holidays

When we decorate our home with plants, we don´t always choose the right variety and after several months, we realise how inappropriate our choice has been, almost always too late for the specimen to survive. Today I bring you 8 very resistant plants whose care is very easy. Most of them: – They require little […]

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Tips for watering during the holidays

It´s August at last and I want to go on holiday, but … What to do with my plants during these days?
I´ve been waiting all year for this well-deserved getaway in this heat, but when the day comes, a problem arises… What should I do with my plants?

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Shall we talk about Dipladenia in summer?

Well, among my favourites, the DIPLADENIAS stand out when this season of the year arrives.
Just in the beginning of summer, they continue to display their beautiful trumpet-shaped
flowers without skimping on beauty. Colours with different shades of pink, red and white,
mainly, are the main colours on the façades and balconies of many homes.

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