Si te dedicas profesionalmente a la planta ornamental puedes solicitar claves de acceso para acceder a nuestro disponible de planta y tarifas.

Chrysanthemum season underway

The Chrysanthemums have already been planted for several weeks and we are seeing the progress of the first series that we will soon be launching on the market. This year, Antonio, our regular grower, has grown 70% “Jasoda” and 30% “Homerum”.

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HIBISCUS lou lou®, the key to your paradise

Paradise at home? it’s possible… Close your eyes and connect with your inner self, feel the warm breeze brush against your skin, the sun’s rays caress you, as you connect with the natural world. You’ve probably imagined your own paradise, now it’s time to open your eyes and enjoy it.

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Lovely Roses, a pleasure for all the senses

Beauty, aroma, flavour and commitment to the environment are the words with which we could quickly define the Lovely Roses by lou lou® collection, a unique and different bet by Rachel and Co, which for the second year in a row has surprised us.
A total of 22 premium rose varieties carry the lou lou® label and the quality guarantee of the breeder Pheno Geno Roses. There are three unique collections: Food & Petals (edible petals), Aromatherapy (roses for aromatherapy) and Attraction (roses that attract pollinators).

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5 highly recommended houseplants for your garden center guests

With the end of Christmas, the reign of the ubiquitous houseplant poinsettia comes to an end. Many of the poinsettias you have purchased will have lost their vigour and bracts, and with them all their charm. Now is the time to offer your customers other alternatives to decorate and enliven their homes, such as these five beautiful green indoor plants that are available all year round in the Rachel&Co catalogue.

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