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lou lou welcomes summer!

We’re leaving spring behind and entering the beautiful month of June, which brings us the long-awaited summer, full of colour and light, so we can make the most of our terraces, our gardens, life outdoors… and the days are getting longer… I couldn’t wait for it to happen!

I invite you to get to know these plants sponsored by our quality brand -lou lou®-

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In May, we plan the next season. How can you help?

When May arrives, I sit down with my team to plan next season’s new production, to analyse the new products we’ve found and the plant material we’ve bought, and to plan our work schedule. It’s one of the most important times of the year, because without it, we wouldn’t be able to offer you plants next year.

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Dianthus: the winter jewel in your garden

At Rachel Love Plants, we welcome 2024 with the first dianthus. This year we’ve produced a beautiful range of varieties: Carnelia, Oscar, Peman, I Love You, …
Colour, cold hardiness, fragrance… These plants have many attractions for flower lovers, as well as many advantages…

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Christmas in my life…

In this red world, each of the poinsettias becomes a piece of history where the love of family, the devotion to the plant and the evolution of a legacy are intertwined.

Today, I want to open my heart to you and share a precious and cherished memory.

Hoy quiero abriros mi corazón y mostraros un precioso y querido recuerdo.

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It’s Poinsettia season at last!

It’s impossible to resist this tradition, which fills every corner of the home, office, garden and family life with colour and joy. It’s thanks to Christmas that everything is decorated in red, pink or white with these precious “Euphorbias Pulcherrima”.

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Chrysanthemum season underway

The Chrysanthemums have already been planted for several weeks and we are seeing the progress of the first series that we will soon be launching on the market. This year, Antonio, our regular grower, has grown 70% “Jasoda” and 30% “Homerum”.

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